Off Bway, Atlantic Theater Company

Reviewed by Jake Lipman

BOTTOM LINE: A thought-provoking look at working poor and black in rural America.

It’s late December 1995, and a young black woman named Emmie nervously interviews for a job at Berry’s, a megastore off the interstate in Paris, Vermont. The self-important supervisor, Gar, pelts her with questions...She’s applied for work at nearly every employer in Paris, to no avail. When Gar hears Emmie was turned down by Price Chopper, they exchange a knowing glance...

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Falling For Make Believe
(Under the Radar 2020 at Joe's Pub)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Our generation's Carol Channing emerges in Ryan J. Haddad.

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How to Load a Musket
(Off Off Bway, Less Than Rent Theatre at 59E59)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: Performing America through the eyes of Civil and Revolutionary War reenactors.

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The Unknown Dancer In The Neighborhood
(Under the Radar 2020 at Japan Society)
Review by Ed Malin

BOTTOM LINE: A creative new Japanese play and dance piece about the fractured nature of modern life in the city.

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Grey Rock
(Under the Radar 2020 at the Public Theater)
Review by Maria Paz Alegre

BOTTOM LINE: Among the destruction and gutters of the Middle Eastern conflict, some are still looking up at the stars.

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The Truth Has Changed
(Under the Radar 2020 at the Public Theater)
Review by Keith Paul Medelis

BOTTOM LINE: A solo performance for our time—and our future.

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Wrestling with Zionism
(Jewish Voice for Peace at Judson Arts Wednesdays)
Review by Eleanor J. Bader

BOTTOM LINE: A poignant and painful, but ultimately uplifting, look at the personal impact of racism and oppression on Palestinians living in Israel and throughout the world.

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